Den Haag, The Netherlands

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Impulsive Photography

Born in the eighties, raised in the nineties, formed in the new millennium…
When I grew up, my parents took me on holidays in Europe. At one point in time, they handed me their Praktica Super TL1000 camera. A pure mechanical camera and soon I was experimenting with all the settings… thinking in advance what ISO most shots should be and matching the film, making advantage of the exposure metering for the perfect aperture etc etc. Using this camera has taught me a lot about the technical details of Photography.
Nowadays, with my DSLR, I still fiddle around with the settings and try to think in advance of the perfect settings. However, sometimes the best shots are made impulsive!


Motivation for Photograpy

On this webpage I will be posting and commenting one of my pictures every week for two reasons. The first one is to give you an insight how I create my pictures. The second reason is to learn myself to be more actively involved in the picture taking process and in that way to understand my style and to improve my picture taking ability to let it become real photography.

Each picture will show the exif info and a description of my interpretation of the captured moment. Please feel free to give me any feedback, positive or negative! From each comment I can learn if the comment is open and honest!

Most of my pictures have been processed in Adobe Lightroom, with superficial tweaks. Although I am a supporter of minimizing the use of digital image enhancing and always strive to let the picture itself show it’s greatness, sometimes the camera is unable to capture all exposures like a human eye. To recreate the moment I sometimes use simple tweaks like highlights, shadows and contrast. Some pictures use HDR by blending different exposures. I do not add other digital elements in my pictures.


Inspiration for Photography

To get inspiration, I also look at other photographers. At the moment these are mainly:

  • Thomas Heaton, see his Youtube channel for his vlogs. He inspires me to think more about the set-up of a photograph and to plan a composition ahead and
  • Jimmy McIntyre, see his Youtube channel for his vlogs. He inspires me to think ahead of the use of different exposures and the impact of highlights and shadows.


Want to use or buy one of my pictures?

If you would like to use one of my pictures, please go ahead! But whenever you do so, please let me know and provide a link to my website. I always appreciate to know where and why my material is used 🙂
If you would like to have a print of one of my pictures, please contact me what you would like!


Have fun at scrolling through my pictures!

Kind regards,

Eelco Bakker