Den Haag, The Netherlands

Category: Forest

Impulsive Photography

Seeing the world upside down

This picture was shot on the Holterberg (between Deventer and Enschede in Holland) during a nice walk in nature. We brought a crystal boll to do some experimental shooting. Funny thing is… you see the world upside down through the ball. That morning started great! Great weather, great atmosphere, great company and a huge felling…
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Pine tree needles

Pine tree needles

This picture was shot on the Holterberg in the east part of The Netherlands (see map). I really like to go for an early walk and see the forest wake-up. It is such a tranquil time of the day. No other people, winds are mostly lower during the morning, less sound everywhere and those droplets…
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Diagonal growing trees

Bizar: Diagonally growing trees?

This picture was shot during a small trip to Germany. We stayed in Liesen (near Winterberg) in the great Hotel “Haus am Steinschab“. This is one of those hotels that changes ownership once every 5 years or so and the new owners do not change anything. Which was great though 🙂 We came to the…
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Beautiful Holland view

Great misty morning at sunrise

This picture was shot during a morning photo session in my “backyard”. I live in the northern part of The Hague and have a view on some quite nice meadows. Whenever there is any groundmist, I can decide when I open my curtains to do some photography in the meadows or turn one more time…
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Colors of the Fall

I just love the colors of Fall!

This picture was shot in the back garden with the camera of my girlfriend exactly 4 years ago in 2013. It was the middle of fall and at one moment in the afternoon, the sun was really revealing all the fall colors with the leaves. My girlfriend is into macro photography (please take a look…
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Small lake on the Clingendael Estate

An eerie misty morning

How a misty misery morning lead to a nice shot! This picture was shot in my hometown The Hague in October 2015. We visited the estate Clingendael and strolled some more kilometers through the park to shoot some pictures from the forest in the mist. That day, there was a thick mist over The Netherlands…
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A view from the Alpsee

Forest tranquility from the lake

It is said not to shoot with your camera right towards the sun… This picture (please click for the full screen version of the picture!) was shot during a holiday in Austria when we visited Schloss Neuschwanstein just north of the border in Germany in August 2014. When we visited the castle of Neuschwanstein and…
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