Den Haag, The Netherlands


Impulsive Photography

Yellow flowers in the morning.

Plants near the road

How beautiful can the plants be that grow next to the road? This picture was shot during a morning walk I did near Deventer in August 2015. I wanted to shoot some pictures of the sun coming up, but was already too late for that. Sunrises are the most magical moments in nature. The light…
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Dew on a spiderweb

Shiny spiderweb

A shiney spiderweb in the morning dew! This picture was shot with the 60 mm prime macro lens of my girlfriend. She is also into photography but focuses mainly on the macro side of photography. Check her Instagram feed here! A couple of years ago she bought this great macro lens and whenever there are…
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Photo shows sand formations on the beach

Sand border

A sandy border of roughness and smoothness. This picture was shot during a family meet-up in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands in November 2013. My girlfriend and me like to do early morning walks in nature. We sometimes ask our family to join to have a kind of an informal get-together. This time we drove to the…
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Sunrise over a meadow in Holland showing a fence.

Sunrise in Holland

What better to start the first official picture blog with a sunrise picture! This picture was actually shot with the camera of my girlfriend back in October 2011. At that moment I had no camera of my own and used hers to go out and experiment. That day there was a beautiful morning mist…
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Rooftop of The Hague station

Start of Blog!

Each week I will be posting one of my pictures here for two reasons. The first one is to give you an insight how I create my pictures. The second reason is to learn myself to be more actively involved in the picture taking process and in that way to understand my style and to…
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