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Sunrise in Holland

Impulsive Photography

Sunrise in Holland

Sunrise over a meadow in Holland showing a fence.

What better to start the first official picture blog with a sunrise picture!

Sunrise over a meadow in Holland showing a fence.

Sunrise over a meadow in Holland.

This picture was actually shot with the camera of my girlfriend back in October 2011. At that moment I had no camera of my own and used hers to go out and experiment.
That day there was a beautiful morning mist going over the meadows nearby where I live. I got up to shoot some timelapse video, however in the meantime shot some of these morning shots with the Canon. I had to bike for about twenty minutes and I saw great opportunities to shoot some pics. but I had two specific spots in my mind to shoot the timelapse video which had priority.
With biking to the second location I saw this great location for this picture, placed my bike next to a tree and shot this picture from the hand. No real preparations were made, no fancy settings were used, nor any post image editing was done. And it turned out to be a great impulsive photo!

Camera settings:

Camera Model Canon EOS 1000D
Lens model EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/160
F-number 9.00
ISO 100
Focal Length 40 mm



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